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Thinning Hair? You Need To Understand How Hair Grows

by Michael Marenick on Aug 07, 2017

Thinning Hair? You Need To Understand How Hair Grows

You should think of your scalp like a garden

By Mike Marenick

Thinning HairThick Hair

If you have a thinning hair problem you are not alone. Both men and women can start to see the thick luxurious hair we had when we were younger start to thin as we age. For men who suffer with male pattern baldness it is well documented that DHT (a form of testosterone) is blocking the fair follicle from growing. But for people who are simply starting to notice that their hair looks thinner there is something much more simpler going on.

Understanding How Hair Grows

Before we try to solve the thinning hair problem we need to understand how hair grows. Basically, hair goes through three phases during its life. The first phase is called the Anagen or growth phase and usually lasts for up to 3-4 years for normal healthy hair. During this time the hair is growing and we cut it, and it continues to grow some more. The second phase is known as the Catagen or dormant phase. During this time the hair stops growing and remains the same length. This phase usually lasts 2-3 weeks. The final phase is called the Telegen phase. It is during this time that the hair dies and falls out. This phase usually lasts for about one week.

When a person is under stress or not eating correctly the hair begins to lack the proper nutrients to maintain these normal phases. The result is that the growth phase becomes shorter and shorter over time. The less time that the hair has to grow the thinner and less healthy it will be. Eventually the hair growth cycle may become so short that the hair never has enough time to grow for it to even exit the scalp.

How To Get The Proper Nutrients For Your Hair and Scalp

You need to think about nutrition for your scalp much in the same way you would think about a garden. When you garden if you simply plant some tomatoes and only provide them with minimal amounts of water they will likely grow but they may not grow fast and produce the most tomatoes. But if you fertilize your garden, and provide it with the proper vitamins and minerals that the plants need to be healthy and strong, you will get plants that grow fast and produce many tomatoes.

The same is true for your scalp. As we age we begin to lack certain vitamins & minerals that are essential to our bodies. We often take daily vitamins to help supplement this problem. But with our scalp it is possible to provide the necessary nutrition topically with a hair cream. Technology in skin preparations have advanced significantly over the past 10 years and our ability to create formulations that deliver nourishment to our skin is now possible.

What You Should Look For In a Hair Cream

Healthy Hair Cream

A good quality hair cream will provide not only vitamins and minerals, but also protein. You should look for ingredients that are naturally sourced from pure essential oils and herbal extracts. Many leading skin care companies even used food based ingredients as a source of nourishment. Perhaps the most beneficial food ingredient is the egg. The egg naturally contains every vitamin, mineral and protein that is necessary for life. If you think about it, a baby chick survives on what is in the egg until it hatches. When incorporated into a formulation correctly the egg can provide over 70 vitamins, minerals and proteins that will be beneficial to your scalp. When used on a regular basis a hair cream can begin to normalize the growth phase cycle of your hair. As the growth phase becomes longer your hair will get thicker and fuller.

The best hair treatment for thinning hair may simply be a hair cream. If you are starting to see your hair thin you should consider adding a hair cream to your daily routine to maintain great looking hair.