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Why Do Some People Heal Faster Than Others?

by Michael Marenick on Aug 20, 2018

Why Do Some People Heal Faster Than Others?

You may notice that some people who get a cut, burn or bruise may heal faster than you. Or that someone who has had surgery or a serious injury may not have any scars. Why does one person heal quickly and others can take weeks? What makes the difference may be in your diet.

Nutritional Studies and Wound Healing

Over the years there have been many studies done on the the importance of patients' nutritional status in wound healing.  All of these studies seem to agree that good nutritional status is essential for wound healing to take place. Ignoring nutritional status may compromise a persons ability to heal and subsequently prolong the stages of wound healing.  Glucose provides the body with its power source for wound healing and this gives energy for the creation of new skin tissue.  Therefore, it is vital that the body receives adequate amounts of glucose to provide additional energy for wound healing. Fatty acids are essential for cell structure and have an important role in the inflammatory process. Wound healing is dependent on good nutrition and the presence of suitable polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet. Protein deficiency has been demonstrated to contribute to poor healing rates with reduced collagen formation.  Vitamins are also important in wound healing. Vitamin C deficiency contributes to fragile granulation tissue. Other vitamins and minerals also play a role in would healing but the bottom line is that nutrition is the key.

Can Topical Nutrition Help With Would Healing?

HealFast Skincare was formulated based on using nutrition to help provide the body with all of the essential elements it needs to heal and look normal again. The proprietary formulations used in HealFast uses eggs as a complete topical nutrition source for the skin. An egg contains over 70 vitamins, minerals and proteins. In fact, it has every nutrient necessary for life. HealFast is the only company in the world that uses whole eggs as a nutritional source and we call this Ovasome Technology.

Why Does HealFast Skincare Work?

The studies done on wound healing mention specific nutrients necessary for healing. Ovasome technology contains all of these and more. By applying a topical application of nutrition to your skin you create an environment that is rich for healing.  Together with oral nutrition HealFast skincare can be a powerhouse in both beauty/anti-aging and wound healing.

HealFast Repair Cream

If this is your first time hearing of HealFast Skincare we recommend you start with our HealFast Repair cream.  This was the first product we created and all of our other formulations are based on this cream.  If you are already familiar with HealFast Repair you should really try some of our other anti-aging products that are formulated to target specific areas on your body.  Our Ovagen Eye cream will work wonders around the eyes for fine lines and wrinkles.  Our Hydro Repair Day cream will make you look years younger in just a few days.  If you want to look more refreshed over night try our egg-activ renewal night cream.  We guarantee all of our products an know you will see amazing results with any one you try.

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