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HealFast™ Skincare Products

HealFast™ Skincare is based on a proprietary process called Ovasome Technology™. Basically it’s the process of incorporating eggs into topical skin care products. As simple as it sounds Ovasome Technology  took years to fully develop. You’re probably thinking, why can’t I just crack an egg and rub it on my skin? The main reason is because the eggs molecular structure is too large to penetrate the skin and you would receive little benefit from this application.

With Ovasome Technology™ we can effectively incorporate the egg into topical creams, lotions and serums so all the nutritional content remains active. By using this technique your skin benefits from over 70 natural vitamins, minerals and proteins. Ovasome Technology is a unique scientific breakthrough and is exclusive to HealFast Skincare .

For 15 years our #1 Product - HealFast™ Repair Cream

Truly a “miracle cream”, HealFast Repair is excellent for all types of skin maladies & irritations. This gentle cream can be used on people of all ages from babies to adults. The concept behind HealFast™ Repair comes from the study of how the skin repairs itself. When a skin irritation occurs, the body naturally tries to rush nutrients to the problem area so that it can heal or repair itself. The reason it takes several days or even weeks for some things to heal is because the body has only a limited amount of nutrients that can be sourced to the problem. By applying HealFast™ Repair, an environment rich in all the nutrients needed by your skin is created naturally.

Originally formulated for dry skin problems our satisfied customers have told us they use it for much more including: Insect bites, burns, shingles, abrasions, chapped skin/lips, fever blisters, itching, diaper rash, sunburn, athletes foot, poison ivy & oak, eczema, canker sores, allergic rash/hives, razor burn, cold sores, dermatitis, bee stings, acne, bed sores, blisters, cradle cap, cust & bruises, windburn, jock itch, fungus and more…

Cellutone Cellulite Cream

Cellutone is the only cellulite-reducing product on the market today that actually provides long-lasting results naturally, without using drugs or ingredients such as caffeine or aminophyline. More info…

No. 8 Shave Oil

This is a shave oil that replaces your shaving cream or gel. No. 8 uses pure aromatic essential oils carefully chosen to soften the hair and cleanse the pores. It creates a slick surface that allows the razor to glide across the skin. More info…

HealFast™ Skincare is a complete line for face and body

Using our proprietary Ovasomve technology we have formulated products for the face and body that specfically target common skin problems. From wrinkles around the eyes to frown lines we’ve got you covered. See all of our products…

“People started telling me I looked tired because of the darkness under my eyes. HealFast Skincare worked!”

“ The fine lines around my eyes really bothered me. I saw a difference after just the first week ”