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Cellulite Creams | Do They Really Work?

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Cellulite. The dimply, orange peel, cottage cheese looking skin that appears on the hips, buttocks and thighs. The term cellulite was first used by spas and beauty service companies back in the early 20’s. It became a common household term in the early 1960’s. No matter what you call it women hate it and will do just about anything to get rid of it. Studies have shown that over 80% of post-adolescent females have cellulite. Cellulite is non-discriminatory and affects women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

What Causes Cellulite on Legs?

Cellulite is basically engorged fat cells. Our fat cells store lipids within them which power the body. When the body needs energy, lipids are released into the blood stream by receptors on the fat cells. This is the normal function of a fat cell. But stress and poor diet can cause toxins to build up on these receptors that block their lipid-releasing function. As a result, lipids become trapped in the fat cells causing them to be engorged in size. Over time these enlarged fat cells grow in quantity and size. They begin to push against the top layer of skin and ultimately create the signature “dimpling” effect of cellulite. The main reason why women get cellulite and men don’t is because our fat cells are store in chambers under our skin. In women these chambers are anchored to the top layer of skin and in men they are not. When the fat cells push against the skin of women the chambers pop up and create dimples. In men it appears more like a bulge.

Why Most Cellulite Creams Don’t Work

Cellutone Cellulite Cream

It’s important to note that there is no cure for cellulite. Any creams or treatments available on the market today can only help visibly reduce the appearance of your cellulite. Anti-cellulite creams have gotten a very bad reputation over the years because they promise the world and deliver very little help for the cellulite problem. The main reason these cellulite creams fail is because they are attempting to treat the symptom and not solve the problem. The one thing you will find in almost every cellulite cream on the market today is some form of dehydrating ingredient.

When the first cellulite creams appeared on the market they used a drug that was originally created for asthma problems called Aminophylline. Someone discovered that when you applied it to the skin the skin got smoother. After further research it was discovered that the Aminophylline was actually removing water from the skin which caused it to smooth out. Basically it was a diuretic. The quick results that this diuretic produced on the skin seemed like a miracle in the world of beauty but it was very short lived after women discovered the cellulite would return very quickly even after just missing a day or two of use of the cream. Soon the word got out about Aminophylline and companies started to look for ways to hide the ingredient. So they used a derivative of Aminophylline called Theophylline. Next they tried another diuretic – caffeine. Cellulite creams were selling like crazy and each one would market their product as containing something new.  There were products that touted coco bean extract and coffee extract and any other name they could find to cover up the diuretic ingredients. Cellulite creams like this exist today and women are buying them.

The Best Cellulite Creams Don’t Have Caffeine

Technology has advanced significantly since the first cellulite cream showed up on the market. We now have a much better understanding about how our body functions and more specifically our fat cells. There are cellulite creams now available on the market that do not contain any caffeine or caffeine derivatives. Instead, they use ingredients that lets your body function normally and use the engorged fat cells as energy.

The best cellulite creams that really work typically use pure essential oils as part of their base formulations. The oils are designed to do two things; stimulate blood flow and flush toxins from the area. Once the toxins have been removed, they require certain nutrients to trigger them to be used. Since we have fat cells all over our body when we need energy we want our body to use the fat cells where we have cellulite. There are certain nutrients that trigger the fat cell receptors. It is believed that when these nutrients are applied topically to the skin they can allow the body to feed from the cellulite area first rather than using other fat cells. These nutrients can often be found in food based ingredients such as eggs.

Retinol Can Also Be Important In a Cellulite Cream

There has been a significant amount of studies done on Retinol (Vitamin A) and its ability to help rebuild collagen, increase elasticity in the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It has been discovered that Retinol (Vitamin A) can provide the same benefits to cellulite skin. Often companies will add synthetic vitamin A supplements to the cellulite creams to increase their performance. But Vitamin A can be found in many plants and foods and can easily be incorporated naturally into these creams.

Rubbing and Massaging is a No, No.

If you read the instructions on a cellulite cream and it tells you to rub or massage the cream into your skin you should probably not purchase this product. There are many cellulite machines that are used in the spa and now for at home use that vigorously massage your cellulite areas. This intense rubbing actually breaks down the skins elasticity which causes it to smooth out. Sounds great right? Perhaps in the short term, yes. But constant rubbing and breaking down of the elasticity will ultimately result in sagging as you age. You certainly don’t want to have this happen. Look for a cellulite cream that works without out having to rub or massage when you are applying it.

Do Cellulite Creams Work?

The best cellulite treatments will contain the right ingredients and do not require rubbing or massaging. Of course, you will have to continue to use the product to maintain your smooth thighs, but the results will last longer than the old diuretic cellulite creams of yesteryear. The best cellulite cream may cost a little more but the results will certainly be worth it.

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