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How to Prevent a Scar After an Injury

by Michael Marenick on Sep 17, 2018

How to Prevent a Scar After an Injury

HealFast Repair For Scarring

The ability to prevent or minimize a scar starts right after the injury occurs.  It is very important that your body receives the proper nourishment it needs to do all of the healing naturally.

If it’s an injury you can treat yourself, begin by flushing it clean with antibacterial soap and water.  Then apply a small amount of HealFast Repair cream and cover it with a light bandage. If you have sensitive skin, choose a cover that won’t pull when you remove it. A nonstick bandage and surgical paper tape is preferred, gauze can stick to the wound.

After that, it’s pretty basic. Clean it once a day with soap and water, apply HealFast Repair cream, put on a clean bandage and leave it alone. You can also use your shower or bath time as an opportunity to loosen the bandage with water, clean the wound and treat it.

Whatever you do, don’t pick at it. This can delay healing, and it increases the risk it will become infected and you’ll get a scar. There’s nothing you can do with your hands to make it better. Also, stay away from Neosporin. Many people are allergic to neomycin, one of the antibiotics in Neosporin, and can have a bad reaction.

Forget what you’ve heard about "giving it air" or getting a "good" scab. Keep your wound covered and avoid exposing it to the sun for the first 30 days as it heals. If you feel pain or you see redness spreading, or if it fails to heal after a week to 10 days, see a doctor.

Keep in mind that the location of your wound also will affect how it heals. Women with heavy breasts often have trouble with an incision on their chest, Hickman says, because the weight pulls it open. Heel wounds also are especially challenging, because you have to stay off your feet, there’s minimal blood flow and the bone is close to the surface.

Once your wound has healed, you should continue to use HealFast Repair multiple times daily until the skin is completely healed or the scar has minimized so it is barely visible.