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How To Heal Sunburn Fast Without Peeling

by Michael Marenick on Jun 22, 2017

How To Heal Sunburn Fast Without Peeling

Topical creams that have nourishment will heal and soothe

By Mike Marenick

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We all love the feeling of laying in the sun, soaking up the warm rays. It just makes us feel so good. We also love the way a nice tan gives our skin a healthy glow. Unfortunately we often go to far and end up with a sunburn rather than a suntan. If you have over indulged in sunlight and your skin is turning lobster red you need to act quickly to begin the healing process and prevent peeling. The sooner you start to treat sunburn the better. If you wait 24 hours you may be too late.

Start With Aspirin

Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory medication that will help ease the pain and reduce any inflammation and redness associated with sunburn. Follow the directions as recommended on the aspirin bottle for regular dosage. Do not take aspirin if you are allergic or have any medical reasons why you should not.

Take a Cool Shower

Taking a cool shower will do two things for you. First, it will give you a quick cool feeling to soothe the burn. Secondly it will remove any dirt, oil or suntan lotion that may be left on your skin from the days activities.

MOST IMPORTANT: Use a Rich Nourishing Cream

HealFast Repair Cream

To heal sunburn quickly and prevent peeling you need more than just an aloe or vitamin E cream. We have all heard the stories about how aloe is great for healing burns – and it is. But you should find a topical cream that contains aloe and much more. The pigmentation in our skin is designed to turn tan in color to try to protect itself from the damaging suns rays. But too much sun too quickly causes it to turn red and burn. When your skin burns from the sun you are literally damaging skin cells that will eventually die and peel off. When you start to see the redness the damage is already done. At this point you need to begin the healing process and prevent further damage to your skin.

A good nourishing cream should work with your bodies natural healing process. It should help to accelerate the removal of the dead or dying skin cells and provide the nutrients that the skin needs to produce new healthy skin cells.

To help remove the dead and dying skin cells you should look for the ingredient salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that penetrates into the skin and helps to release the bonds holding skin cells together. Basically it will help your body to more quickly exfoliate or remove the dead skin cells and prevent peeling from occurring. Salicylic acid has been widely used in anti-wrinkle beauty products for years. It is very gently and effective. To heal sunburn quickly you first need to remove the dead skin cells so the fresh healthy ones can appear.

Next, you need a topical cream that contains rich nourishment for your skin. When your body is healing it needs a vast amount of nutrients that include vitamins, minerals and proteins. Without proper nourishment the skin will take longer to heal and may become permanently damaged. The best creams will source these nutrients from natural sources such as essential oils, herbal extracts and even food based ingredients such as eggs. Did you know that eggs contain every vitamin mineral and protein necessary for life? When formulated properly into a topical skin cream eggs can provide a full complex of nutrients that are essential to your skins health.

Protect From Sunburn Damage

The damage that we do to our skin today may not appear until much later in life. Some people say that a sunburn today will show the damage seventeen years from now. This may appear as brown spots on our skin, sun freckles or even skin cancer. It is very important that you treat sunburn and any sun exposure as quickly as possible to prevent extensive long term damage. To do so, you should be applying the same nourishing cream that you use to heal sunburn as a daily moisturizer for your face, neck and body. By being proactive in your skin care you will prevent early signs of aging. You should continue to feed your skin from the outside to maintain healthy collagen and elasticity which will prevent wrinkles and saggy skin.