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Healing Cream | How To Heal Open Wounds

by Michael Marenick on Jun 02, 2017

Healing Cream | How To Heal Open Wounds

You can help with the healing process

HealFast Repair Cream For Open Wounds

By Mike Marenick

Unfortunately cuts and burns can occur during our typical daily routine. It could be a simple paper cut or falling down and scraping your knee. Or we might burn ourselves on the stove while cooking. Once you have injured yourself your bodies immune system immediately goes into action to try to heal the wound as quickly as possible.

The Three Phases of Wound Healing


Phase 1 of healing is inflammation.  When we injure ourselves a process called homeostasis begins. This is when clotting starts to stop the bleeding.  Once the clotting has occurred the bodies immune system begins to rush nutrients to the injured area. The blood vessels begin to dilate and antibodies, white blood cells and other components are provided to promote good wound healing and prevent infection. After the body has stopped the bleeding this is when inflammation begins. You will begin to feel pain and you might see the area turn red. In addition, a burning sensation might be felt and swelling may occur.


Phase 2 of wound healing is proliferation. During this time the wound begins to be rebuilt the injured area with healthy new skin cells. This process requires ample amounts of nutrients and oxygen. A trained professional could actually look at a wound and know how well it is healing simply by looking at its color. If proper nutrients and oxygen are not provided it will take the body much longer to heal the wound. The process of building skin cells and producing collagen relies heavily on nourishment provided to the injury.


Phase 3 of wound healing is known as maturation. This is the last phase of the healing process and happens after the wound has closed up. During the maturation process the wound may look to the human eye as if it is already completely healed.  However, this process could continue on for up to two years. During this time the skin cell structure around the injury continues to strengthen. Prior to full maturation the skin is still weaker and more susceptible to repeated injury.

How to Speed Up Wound Healing

HealFast Repair Cream

We know that the body relies heavily on the nutrients and oxygen that is provided internally from the body. We can help speed up this process by using a healing cream for cuts and burns that provide topical nourishment to the wound. These creams will provide vitamins, minerals and proteins that our bodies need to heal and function normally. The best product for healing skin will be a cream that sources this nourishment from natural ingredients. These may include essential oils, herbal extracts and even food based ingredients such as eggs. Did you know that the egg contains over 70 vitamins, minerals and proteins? In fact, an egg contains every nutrient necessary for life. This doesn’t mean you can simply take these foods and rub them on your wound. They need to be processed and correctly formulated into a topical skin preparation for them to be used effectively.

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How To Prevent Scars

You may need a wound healing cream after surgery or an injury to help prevent scars. Your body can only do so much with what it has internally. Your immune system is limited to the nutrition that you provide for it. This may mean that you increase your daily vitamins or eat better food.  You may even want to get some sunlight on the wound. Sunlight helps the body naturally produce vitamin D which has been shown to be very important in the healing process. Only a little sun exposure is good. Long term exposure can actually do more damage than good. The best thing you can do to prevent scars is to keep the wound covered and use a nutritious topical cream that will provide the body with the nourishment that it needs to heal quickly and prevent any lingering damage or scars.

Healing Open Cuts

Now that you understand the process that is involved in wound healing and how to prevent scars it is important that you select a healing cream that will provide you with the best results. You will need something better than petroleum jelly or a simple vitamin E cream. Look for a healing cream that has great nutritional content and uses natural sources for the nourishment.

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