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The 5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

by Michael Marenick on Apr 28, 2017

The 5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid
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Shaving Mistakes

It’s time for a better shave.

By Mike Marenick

Let’s face it, shaving is not fun. But having a nice clean shave makes us look younger and fresher. To help improve your daily shave I have composed these five mistakes that are most commonly made when shaving.

You’re Using an Old Razor

The reason they are called disposable razors is because they are only meant to be used for a limited amount of time. The number of shaves you get out of one razor really depends on how well you care for it. Even though the blades are made of strong stainless-steel they eventually dull losing the sharpness needed to give you a clean close shave. There are two main factors that play a role in the dulling of your blades. The first is that most people never dry their blades after shaving and simply let the water dry on the blade. Since razor blades are very thin this makes them more susceptible to corrosion. The second factor is that most people don’t take the time to rinse their blades well after using them. The human skin is very salty and when you combine water and salt (chloride) you get a very corrosive combination that will dull your blade rather quickly. If you have ever lived near the ocean you certainly understand that the salty sea water can cause rust and corrosion to occur on even hard metal surfaces. The best thing you can do to extend the life of your blades is to rinse them well after shaving and then dry them by running them backwards over a dry towel or blowing them dry with your hairdryer for a few seconds.

You Are Using the Wrong Shaving Product
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The absolute worst thing you can use is a shaving cream or gel.  I know, I know… we are taught at a very young age to use that can of shaving cream that produces the wonderful fluffy white stuff.  However, shaving cream and gels contain all of the wrong ingredients for shaving.  Aerosol creams and gels contain surfactant chemicals. Surfactants reduce the tension between two surfaces. Shaving creams use surfactants to try to reduce razor drag on your skin. However, the same tension that these surfactants create also prevent moisture from getting to your skin. It is very important for our skin to get as much moisture as possible to prevent aging over time. The use of surfactants is why your skin often feels dry and irritated after shaving with a cream or gel.  Take a look at the ingredient list on an aerosol cream or gel and you may be surprised to see that it contains PROPANE! Butane, Isobutane, propane and isopentane are volatile substances derived from petroleum products. They are used to create the pressure gas needed to make the foam. Years ago, aerosol creams and gels used chlorofluorocarbons for this process but they were banned by the government because they have been shown to have negative effects on the environment. Any type of petroleum ingredient product will suffocate your pores. Remember, water and oil do not mix. When you put a barrier of petroleum on your skin it can aggravate acne and clog your pores.

You are Using a 5 Blade Razor

I understand going from one blade to a double blade razor.  The concept of the first blade lifting the hair so the second blade can get a closer cut makes sense. But adding more and more blades is insane! Now you can buy shaving heads with 6 blades. Where is it going to end? How many blades is too many? This is a complete waste of money and is a pure marketing gimmick so the razor companies can charge more for their cartridges. OK, there may be a small argument for being able to cover a larger surface area with more blades, but the time you save is hardly worth the price you are paying for those expensive cartridges. If you insist you need 3,4,5 or even 6 blades you should really consider joining one of those shave clubs that deliver you new blades in the mail each month. The blades are very high quality and really inexpensive. In addition, most of these shave clubs have great websites that are easy to use so you can cancel easily or skip a shipment. They even send you an email a few days before your order ships just in case you want to skip a month of blades. You can significantly reduce your shaving costs by using one of these clubs.

You are NOT using a Shaving Oil

No 8 Shave Oil
Shave Oil

If you have never tried a shave oil you have totally missed out on the best part of shaving. Shaving oils are designed to replace shaving creams, gels, soaps and any other product used on your skin for shaving. A good shave oil is made from a blend of natural pure essential oils. They should not contain any petroleum based ingredients. The oils used in a shave oil will moisturize your skin and create a slick surface that will allow your razor to glide across your skin as you shave. You will only need 5-6 small drops of this oil for your entire face. Don’t be shocked when you see shave oils packed as either a ½ ounce or 1oz size.  One ounce of shave oil may last you for two full months of shaving. When you try a shave oil for the first time the experience may feel very different from shaving with a cream or gel. You need to use the oil five to six times in a row before you really see how well it is working for you. Most people who try a shaving oil never return to using creams and gels again.

You are Using an Aftershave

Aftershaves can do more harm than good to your skin.  They are loaded with alcohol and fragrances neither of which is good for our skin. Alcohol is used as an astringent to make the skin tight and close the pores. It also has a cooling effect. Aftershaves were specifically formulated for people who use aerosol creams and gels. Because these aerosol creams contain petroleum based ingredients the alcohol will also help to break down or clean the surface of the petroleum product. This is great for removing the petroleum oils but it also removes the natural oils from your skin. This will cause your skin to become dry and irritated. You need to stop using aftershaves immediately. You should replace using an aftershave with a good moisturizer. If you use a quality shave oil you may be able to simply towel dry your skin and not need anything else. However, I would always recommend using a moisturizer daily to prevent aging skin.


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