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Do Shaving Oils Work?

by Michael Marenick on Mar 21, 2017

Do Shaving Oils Work?
Shaving Oil
Do Shaving Oils Work?

There’s a reason why most razor blades have a lubricating strip on them. They help to provide a smooth slick surface that allows your razor to glide across your skin helping to protect you from getting nicks or cuts. But isn’t this why we use a shaving cream or gel? Let’s be honest there hasn’t been that many advancements in razors over the years other than to add more blades. There has however been quite a few advancements in what we use to shave.

How Other Products Differ from Shaving Oils
Shave creams and gels are basically a whip of ingredients created by using an aerosol can to dispense the product. A shave cream is supposed to create a smooth slippery surface for your razor. However, many of the ingredients in these products are counterproductive to this result. Most shaving creams often contain some form of alcohol. The alcohol will actually dry the skin instead of making it moist and smooth. Think about how your face feels after you shave and wash the cream or gel off of your face. It actually feels dry and often has a burning sensation. It’s because of this feeling that after shave lotions were created. These lotions are formulated to close the pores and help moisturize your face.

The original art of shaving began with using a brush and bowl. To create the cream, you would add some of the paste, powder or cream to the bowl together with a little bit of water. Then you have to stir the mixture with the brush until a lather is created. These types of shaving creams often have some type of detergent ingredient included that creates the lather. These rich lathers look great and feel good on your skin but the detergent ingredients will end up drying your skin over time.

Products used for shaving that come from a tube are definitely better than creams and gels. They often contain great moisturizing ingredients and provide excellent lubricant for your razor. The down side to these products is they can sometimes be a bid messy and can clog your razor.

How Do Shaving Oils Work?
You can use a shaving oil with a straight razor, a multiple blade razor or even an electric razor. If you are using a shaving oil with an electric razor you should use it as a pre-shave oil. You should apply only a few drops to the area you are shaving to moisten the skin to prevent the burn that can be caused by electric razors. If you are using a regular razor or straight razor you will only need about 5-6 drops of a shaving oil for your entire face. Start by wetting your skin with warm water. Then add 5-6 drops to the palm of your hand and massage onto the shaving area. Simply wet your razor as you begin to shave and you will immediately feel how smooth the surface is with your razor. As you know, water and oil don’t mix. By using a wet razor on a face with shave oil you naturally create this smooth slick surface. It often takes 2-3 shaves to get used to using a shave oil. You need to feel the sections after you shave to make sure you have not missed any areas. If you did, just re-wet your razor and take another stroke. What is really unique about shaving oils is when you are done you don’t need to wash them off.  You can simply towel dry your face. The shaving oil will act as a natural moisturizer and your skin will feel smooth and cool when you are done shaving. This will be very different from the dry burning sensation that is often found after shaving with other products.
What Oils Are Used in Shaving Oils
A quality shaving oil will be formulated with multiple natural essential oils. Often the base oil will either be sweet almond oil or safflower oils. There are some shaving oils that use synthetic oils. You should avoid these because they do not provide the same moisturizing properties as natural essential oils. Other essential oils that you may find in a shaving oil include; lavender oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil, Myrrha oil, bay leaf oil, pimento fruit oil, orange oil and sandalwood oil. Each oil that is selected for a formulation will have specific properties that benefit the skin. Certain oils may have anti-bacterial or astringent benefits. Others are simply added for their moisturizing and soothing properties. Typically, a well-blended shaving oil formulation will have at least four or more oils.

How Much Do Shaving Oils Cost?
Don’t get sticker shock when you first see the price of a shaving oil. Shaving oils come in small packages but last a long time. Typically, a quality shaving oil with a blend of four or more pure essential oils will cost around $13 for an ounce of oil. But keep in mind that you are using only a few drops for each shave. So, a one ounce bottle will likely last you 45 to 60 shaves. In addition, a shaving oil will eliminate the need for an after shave so you will no longer need to spend money on these products.

Where Can You Use a Shaving Oil?
The same shaving oil can be used by both men or women. They are non-gender specific unless the formulator decides to start adding fragrances. These days many men have started shaving other parts of their body. Most shaving oils unless specifically noted can be used anywhere on the body. The shaving oil will keep your skin silky smooth no matter what you choose to shave!

Do Shaving Oils Work?
The answer is a resounding yes! If you have never tried a shaving oil before you are going to be amazed at how well they work. After three or four shaves, you will wonder why you waited so long to try a shaving oil.