Thinning Hair? You Need To Understand How Hair Grows

Thinning Hair? You Need To Understand How Hair Grows You should think of your scalp like a garden By Mike Marenick If you have a thinning hair problem you are not alone. Both men and women can start to see the thick luxurious hair we had when we were younger start to thin as we age. For men who suffer with male pattern baldness it is well documented that DHT (a form of testosterone) is blocking the fair follicle from growing. But [...]

5 Simple Beauty Tips To Look Your Best At Any Age

5 Simple Beauty Tips To Look Your Best At Any Age Using skin care products correctly can make a huge difference. By Mike Marenick There are so many anti-wrinkle creams to choose from and it seems like a new miracle is popping up in your Facebook timeline everyday. The best anti-aging products aren't always the most expensive, but this doesn't mean you should be shopping at the dollar store for the products you use on your face and body. I've put together [...]

How To Get Rid of Ashy Skin For Good

How To Get Rid of Ashy Skin For Good If you have white or grey looking skin on your elbows and knees then you have ashy skin by Mike Marenick With all of the advancements in skin care products today there is simply no reason to have ashy skin. If you choose the right product and use it regularly you can have moist healthy looking skin every day. What is Ashy Skin? Ashy skin is simply dry skin cells that have a white or [...]

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy or Weight Gain

How To Prevent Stretch Marks To prevent stretch marks you need to start before they appear By Mike Marenick Stretch marks on your skin can occur when your body grows faster than the elasticity in your skin will allow. The elastic fibers just under our skin are designed to expand and retract naturally as our body grows, gains weight or loses weight. However, when we gain weight or grow to quickly for the fibers to gradually expand they break resulting in stretch [...]

How To Heal Sunburn Fast Without Peeling

How To Heal Sunburn Fast Without Peeling Topical creams that have nourishment will heal and soothe By Mike Marenick We all love the feeling of laying in the sun, soaking up the warm rays. It just makes us feel so good. We also love the way a nice tan gives our skin a healthy glow. Unfortunately we often go to far and end up with a sunburn rather than a suntan. If you have over indulged in sunlight and your skin is turning lobster [...]

Healing Cream | How To Heal Open Wounds

Healing Cream - How To Heal Open Wounds You can help with the healing process By Mike Marenick Unfortunately cuts and burns can occur during our typical daily routine. It could be a simple paper cut or falling down and scraping your knee. Or we might burn ourselves on the stove while cooking. Once you have injured yourself your bodies immune system immediately goes into action to try to heal the wound as quickly as possible. The Three Phases of Wound Healing Inflammation Phase 1 of healing [...]

Venous Lake Treatment – For Blue Spot on Lip

Venous Lake Treatment - For Blue Spot on Lip Venus Lake Treatment With Laser Do You Have a Venous Lake on Your Lip? If you have a blue spot on your lip that looks like the one in the photo you likely have a venous lake. The blue spot may start small and grow slightly over time. Typically they are soft to the touch and can occur on the lip, ears or face. They are more commonly found in individuals over the age [...]

Cellulite Creams | Do They Really Work?

Cellulite Cream  | Do They Really Work? Anti-cellulite creams can visibly reduce the look of dimply skin on your thighs By: Mike Marenick Cellulite. The dimply, orange peel, cottage cheese looking skin that appears on the hips, buttocks and thighs. The term cellulite was first used by spas and beauty service companies back in the early 20's. It became a common household term in the early 1960's. No matter what you call it women hate it and will do just about anything [...]

Mike Marenick – Skincare Expert

Mike Marenick - Skincare Expert Mike Marenick began formulating skin care products over a decade ago based on a need to solve his mother’s life long battle with the skin condition called psoriasis. Over the years Marenick has continued to be an innovator in skin care using Ovasome Technology™ . Marenick has appeared on Home Shopping Network and The Shopping Channel of Canada having numerous sell out shows. He was featured in two national infomercials about his skincare technology. Mike has [...]

Ovasome Instant Facial Peel Like a Spa Peel But At Home

Ovasome Instant Facial Peel Like a Spa Facial Peel But At Home by: Mike Marenick Ovasome Instant Facial Peel™ will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a spa peel in the privacy of your own home. This non-abrasive gel formulation will instantly exfoliate impurities and remove dead skin cells. After the first use your skin will look toned, tightened and brighter. With continued use you will notice a more radiant complexion after each peel. Natural exfoliation helps reveal healthier skin that [...]