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Why We Get Dark Circles Under Our Eyes

Dark Circles Under Our Eyes Most of us blame dark circles under our eyes on lack of sleep, exhaustion or staring at the computer screen for hours. But the truth goes deeper than those dark pools you've tried so hard to fight. First, let's understand how dark circles under our eyes appear. We have tiny blood vessels, which are like a web under the skin. But these capillaries are so fine that the red blood cells queue up to pass through; [...]

We’ve update our website!

Hi Everyone, Please checkout our new look and feel. The website is now optimized for all devices - desktop, mobile, tablets and more. Since we have migrated the site to a new platform we lost all of our testimonials. It would really help us out if you could visit your favorite product page and post a review/testimonial. Thank you for your support! Mike Marenick President Fortitude Health