No 8 Shaving Oil


No 8 Shaving Oil


This is a shave oil that replaces your shaving cream or gel. No. 8 uses pure aromatic essential oils carefully chosen to soften the hair and cleanse the pores. It creates a slick surface that allows the razor to glide across the skin. The result is a smooth, close shave that won’t leave your skin dry and irritated. Experience the closest shave you will ever feel with No. 8 Shave Oil.

1 fl oz / 30 ml e


Product Description


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  • Provides a clean close shave without drying the skin.
  • Experience the closest shave you will every feel with only 5 drops of oil.
  • Prevents razor drag.
  • Prevents razor burn.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs.
  • Can be used for shaving anywhere on the body by men or women.
  • Paraben-free.

To prepare for shaving, generosly wet area with warm water. Dispense 5 to 6 drops on to your hand and massage into skin. Wait 20 seconds and re-wet. Towel dry when finished.