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Shaving Oil: Very Different From a Shaving Cream

Shaving Oil: Very Different From a Shaving Cream Try a shave oil once and never go back by Mike Marenick Over the years we have seen many changes made by the razor blade companies.  However, the innovation in products people use with these blades has been very slow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-uUzvL_gDY First let’s talk about your blades. When men started shaving many years ago a single blade was used. Today some razors are made with as many as five blades. The razors are getting more expensive [...]

Do You Need a Neck and Chest Cream?

Do You Need a Neck and Chest Cream? by: Mike Marenick After your hands, your neck and chest (or décolleté) are likely to be the most prominent areas on your body where you will show your age. The skin on the neck and chest area tends to be thinner and will lose its elasticity more quickly than on other parts of your body. As you age these areas may start to sag or have a crepe paper look to them. Unfortunately, [...]

The 5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

The 5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes It's time for a better shave. By Mike Marenick Let’s face it, shaving is not fun. But having a nice clean shave makes us look younger and fresher. To help improve your daily shave I have composed these five mistakes that are most commonly made when shaving. You’re Using an Old Razor The reason they are called disposable razors is because they are only meant to be used for a limited amount of time. The number of shaves [...]

Are Your Hands Showing Your Age?

  Aging is something none of us can avoid. Women get concerned at the first signs of fine lines on the face and men often view a receding hairline as the first signs of aging.  We will spend hundreds even thousands of dollars over the years on skin and haircare products to help us keep our youthful look. What most people don’t realize is that your hands will often show your age more quickly than your face or hair. Why Do [...]

What is a Shaving Oil?

What is a Shaving Oil? Once you try a shave oil you never go back By: Mike Marenick There are so many choices when it comes to shaving. What part of your body are you shaving - your face, legs, bikini area or even your head? What type of razor should you use – straight razor, safety razor, cartridge razor, electric razor or disposable razors? What type of product are you going to use to shave – cream, gel, soap, butter or [...]

How To Treat Dry Cracked Hands

How to Treat Dry Cracked Hands If you are suffering from dry cracked hands you are not alone. Long gone are the days when we were young children with smooth soft hands. Throughout our youth, we take for granted the amazing ability our skin has to quickly heal and repair itself. As we become adults we begin to work and start to take care of children. Our responsibilities often take priority over caring for ourselves. On a daily basis we [...]

Do Shaving Oils Work?

Do Shaving Oils Work? There’s a reason why most razor blades have a lubricating strip on them. They help to provide a smooth slick surface that allows your razor to glide across your skin helping to protect you from getting nicks or cuts. But isn’t this why we use a shaving cream or gel? Let’s be honest there hasn’t been that many advancements in razors over the years other than to add more blades. There has however been quite a [...]

Why We Get Dark Circles Under Our Eyes

Dark Circles Under Our Eyes Most of us blame dark circles under our eyes on lack of sleep, exhaustion or staring at the computer screen for hours. But the truth goes deeper than those dark pools you've tried so hard to fight. First, let's understand how dark circles under our eyes appear. We have tiny blood vessels, which are like a web under the skin. But these capillaries are so fine that the red blood cells queue up to pass through; [...]

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